The project is co-funded by European Union
and by National Funds of Greece & Albania
under the IPA Cross-Border PROGRAMME
"Greece - Albania 2007-2013"


Call for participation

TPNM team welcomes you to an effort to deliver a unified touristic destination of the cross-border Greece-Albania area  towards new markets of tourism.

TPNM is a European financed program targeting to create a competitive tourist product from this area able to absorb a part of the mass upcoming tourist market in Europe arriving from China, Japan and Russia along with strengthening the relationship of the two countries, Albania and Greece.

To succeed in the above, TPNM project is responsible for:
-    Participate actively in tourist exhibitions abroad along with a group of hotel and accommodation businessmen. These businessmen will be selected from the stakeholders that will express their interest for exhibitions to China, Japan and Russia.
-    Creating B2B clusters (business to business clusters).
-    Presenting through an interactive portal the Cross-Border Greek-Albanian tourist destinations, hotels and accommodations.
-    Guiding tourists to the above destinations and rest areas through a mobile tourist application
-    Promoting offers for tourists of the Greek-Albanian selected destination

We invite you to join TPNM through
-    Participation to tourist exhibitions in China, Japan and Russia
-    Promotion of hotels and accommodations of the area
-    Participating to TPNM conferences in Ioannina, Corfu and Saranda
-    Discussion on the thematic topics presented at the 1st TPNM Conference at October 12 in Vlora
-    Exchanging experiences of the specific tourist markets
-    Guidance for hotel and accommodation marketing improvement towards targeted

How can I participate to TPNM ?
We will be delighted to provide any information by email to 0a2fee364033340bf03b2f373a423d08373c343d0e373c3c3d3e3d3a3741fc3d4035f00c373c343d0e373c3c3d3e3d3a3741fc3d40350afd2f0cee LXXcSziQRcmbEPKFJUFxbzWEfcBnEt7 caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page. so that you can participate in Conferences and Tourist exhibitions in Greece, Albania and abroad and help you promote your tourist business.
Please provide us with any personal experiences concerning
1.    Targeted markets China, Japan, Russia
2.    Tourism promotion of selected areas
3.    You can also provide us any information
And any other information you find important for the project.

Do not hesitate to contact us in the following addresses and numbers:

Municipality of Corfu

Alexandras Ave. 6A, Corfu


Tel. +3026613 62 777

Contact person: Alexandra Kontostanou

Regional Council of Vlora

Sheshi 4 heronjte Vlore


Tel. +355 674018196

Contact person: Rezarta Agalliu


Science & Technology Park of Epirus-University Campus of Ioannina, Greece

Tel.+3026510 44447

Contact person: Katerina Filippou


13, Iasonos & Sosipatrou Street, 49100 Corfu, Ionian Islands Region, Greece

Tel.+0030 26610 32428

GSM: 0030-693-723.85.81

Contact person: Spyros Dimisianos




Albanian Tourism Association- ATA

Rr. Komuna e Parisit, Nd 1, H 1/3, Ap.5, Tirane, KP1019, Albania

Tel.+00355 694035153

Contact person: Matilda Adoni


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