The project is co-funded by European Union
and by National Funds of Greece & Albania
under the IPA Cross-Border PROGRAMME
"Greece - Albania 2007-2013"


How we approach new Markets?

Α. B2B Clusters

During TPNM there will be four (4) business-to-bussiness conferences in Greece and Albania. All touristic stakeholders are invited to participate in TPNM presentations and to interact with its components leading to a link to marketing abroad.

Entrance is free.

Here you can find the conferences that will be organised by TPNM:

  • B2B Vlora Albania - November 12 , 2012
  • B2B Ioannina Greece - January 15, 2012
  • B2B Corfu Greece - To be announced
  • B2B Saranda Albania - To be announced

B. Interactive Portal

The purpose of this portal is to promote the Cross-Border area of Greece-Albania as a united tourist destination.
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C. Active Participation in Tourist Exhibitions

TPNM will participate in three tourist exhibitions abroad

·         China

·         Japan

·         Russia

During the participation in the exhibitions mentioned above there will be meetings with touristic stakeholders of the area, with travel agencies, environmental organisations, food importers-exporters, and many more to be arranged.
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D. Offers for Tourists

Here we will promote your tourist offers.
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