The project is co-funded by European Union
and by National Funds of Greece & Albania
under the IPA Cross-Border PROGRAMME
"Greece - Albania 2007-2013"


Why opening tourist markets to China, Japan and Russia?

The most upcoming tourist markets are the Chinese, the Japanese and the Russian as they are the 3rd, 5th and 9th in Tourism Economy worldwide. Due to their citizens rapid increase of wealth and their urge to visit the West, all of the above nationalities must be considered as a European upcoming market. Following a market segmentation, each market should be approached differently, leading to a more effective outcome. Demand from this market varies; some may travel in groups while others prefer to make their bookings on their own via internet; some seek luxury hotels, others look for adventure; some seek to satisfy their curiosity, others are happy when price is right. One characteristic common to all: they are willing to revisit a place that will provide them a special experience, a different scenery, an exit to the world!!

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