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Municipality of Corfu

corfuThe Municipality of Corfu stands in its present form since 2011 after 15 former municipalities been merged according to article 1 of L.3852/4.6.2010 (GG 87Α/7-6-2010) “New Architecture for Self-government and Decentralised Management  – Kallikratis Program”. Today it is separated in 15 municipal units from which 12 have their headquarters  in the island of Corfu and the rest in the smaller islands, Ereikoussa, Mathraki and Othonoi. The municipalities that are in the island of Corfu and are the following: Agios Georgios, Achilleio, Corfu (city), Esperies, Faiakes, Kassopaia, Korissia, Lefkimmi, Meliteieis, Palaiokastritsa, Parelioi, Thinali.

Geographically Corfu and its islands are the northern borders of Western Greece on the Ionian sea, belonging to the Ionian islands and is across Albania. Its population is 101.080 persons in 2011 and it is extended in 641 km2.

Its Mayor is from 2011 Mr Ioannis Trepeklis and the president of the city council is Mr Ioannis-Andreas Riggas.

The Finance Committee consists of a total of ten members, of which four will come from all of the directors of minority and also six alternate members, of which three members will be drawn from all minority City Council.

The Committee of Quality life is a decisive and recommendatory body exercise relating to the quality of life, land use, urban planning and environmental responsibilities of the municipality. In its decisions it takes special care to design actions aimed at improving the quality of life and overall serving people with disabilities.

In the Municipality of Corfu there are Deputy Mayors in the following topics:

Administration and Electronic Government, Financial Management & Resources, Technical and Environmental Services, Cleaning & Recycling, Rural Development & Animal and Fishfarming, Education & Youth Employment, Social Policy, Health and Welfare of Citizens, and of the Municipal Units of Lefkimmi, Korissia & Meliteieis, of the Municipal Units of  Corfu (city), Achilleio & Parelioi, of the Municipal Units of  Faiakes, Kassopaia & Thinali, of the Municipal Units of  Esperies, Agios Georgios & Palaiokastritsa, Primary Unit of Mathraki, Primary Unit of Ereikoussa and Primary Unit of Othonoi.

The Municipality of Corfu provides municipal services for the benefit of residents, businesses, and visitors of the city. These services are separated to those directly attached to the Mayor,Technological, Development of Local Economy, Environmental & Quality Living, Social Protection, Education and Culture, Support Services and Decentralized Services.

The Legal Entities of the City are the following:

Municipal Corporation of Water Drainage, Municipal Regional Theatre, City Sports & Culture Environment Agency, Monometochiki S.A.SA (M.A.E.DI.K.), Social Protection& Education Agency and Municipal Gallery.

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