The project is co-funded by European Union
and by National Funds of Greece & Albania
under the IPA Cross-Border PROGRAMME
"Greece - Albania 2007-2013"



TPNM participation in IMTM EXPO 2014 in Tel Aviv- Israel, 11-12 February 2014.

In the context of the EU co-financed project TPNM "Tourist Promotion to new markets" (IPA Greece-Albania cross border programme), the TPNM delegation is actively participating in the Tourism Exhibition of IMTM 2014 in Tel Aviv-Israel, in order to promote the tourist product of the Cross Border Cooperation area of Corfu, Epirus (Greece) & Vlora Region (Albania) to the Mediterranean and International Tourism market and to build important synergies between tourism stakeholders.
Five partners from Greece and Albania have joined forces to create the conditions of a unified touristic product of these three tourist destinations (Corfu, Epirus, Vlora Region), capable of stimulating touristic development, increasing the visibility of the area touristic potential and promoting its attractiveness not only to domestic and EU markets but also to new touristic origins (China, Japan, Finland, Israel), while strengthening international tourism business ties among the professionals of the tourism sector.  
The integrated strategy developed by the consortium, included two digital platforms ( and that were created in the framework of the project ΤΡΝΜ and host tourist information regarding the sites, activities and infrastructures of each region, and which constitute the main important tool for the promotion of this common tourist product. Corale is an integrated web-based tourism platform which hosts information about tourist attractions, travel packages, activities and amenities of those three beautiful destinations that nowadays is dispersed in various sites. Its role is to facilitate the visitor to find necessary information gathered in one site and to plan his trip without spending a lot of time searching for travel opportunities.

TPNM project has also participated in the International Tourism Exhibitions of Beijing- China (BEIJING INTERNATIONAL TOURISM EXPO 2013 – BITE, 20-23 June 2013),  Tokyo- Japan (JATA ‘TABIHAKU’, 12-15 September 2013), ΜΑΤΚΑ 2014 in Helsinki – Finland, 16-19 January 2014 and now in the Tourism Exhibition of IMTM 2014 in Tel Aviv- Israel, 11-12 February 2014.

TPNM region enables you to travel in various periods during the year and choosing mostly family vacations, two trends which our destinations can cover with 12-month vacation choices (season oriented, thematic oriented, activities oriented, etc) and with so qualitative services to offer in accommodation, recreation, traditional food etc. The incredible sceneries, the amazing waters and the unique history of these areas complete the picture of a remarkable destination worth visiting.

TPNM Project Team
Corfu City, InnoPolis, BIC Epirus, Region of Vlora, Albanian Tourism Association

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