The project is co-funded by European Union
and by National Funds of Greece & Albania
under the IPA Cross-Border PROGRAMME
"Greece - Albania 2007-2013"


TPNM in the Tourism exhibitions of Finland and Israel

After the successful participation of the TPNM consortium in the International Tourism Fairs in China and Japan, the project targets two more key World Tourism Expos in Finland and Tel Aviv in 2014 for the promotion of Corfu, Epirus and Vlora Region.
The previous experience gained from the participation in Asian Tourism EXPOs revealed the encouraging opportunities that exist in such essential markets, for the establishment of advanced cooperation among professionals and for the inflation of Tourist demand for our areas. With this objective we aim at the market of Finland and Israel, anticipating interesting outcomes and more opportunities for international cooperation that would support and even force development in the tourist sector.

MATKA EXPO in Finland receives 76,000 visitors during a period of four days, including over 18,000 professionals in the tourism sector. Our aim is to disseminate the beauties and opportunities offered in these 3 promising touristic destinations, to as many as possible professionals, establishing a strong interest for engaging in tourist development. The Fair will last four days with the opening day being the 16th of January.

In Tel Aviv, TPNM will be present at the 20th International Mediterranean Tourism Market IMTM, for this 2-days Tourism Fair on 11th and 12th of February. Agents, buyers and suppliers of tourist products and visitors will have the chance to meet and become familiar with tourist destinations and services offered.

According to the organizers, IMTM offers the chance to reach the most widely traveled group of people in the world! The Israeli public registers over 4 million trips abroad per year. Israelis travel frequently, with a generous spending budget and average stays of 4-10 nights. This is more than all other travelers in the region and even spending more than some European tourists. In the last 6 years, the Israeli Business Tourism to Europe and other worldwide destinations for Conferences & Incentives Trips has also seen a major increase.
The partners of TPNM project aim at ensuring a balanced and sustainable development of tourism, notably through exchanges of information, exhibitions, conventions and discussions on tourism development in the light of modern trends.
To this promising effort, we invite professionals in the tourist sector to join us by actively contributing to the promotion and development of this common touristic product. Hotel owners, travel agents, rentals’ owners and every interested entrepreneur are all welcomed to become part of this group and to promote their business activity to new markets. Interested businesses may submit their offers on the project portal  or participate directly at the exhibitions using the project stand.
You can contact us for any further details and we are expecting your contribution with printed or other promotion material, participating in this way in two travel fairs creating access to international collaborations.

The project team of TPNM

Press release for TPNM project participation in China BITE Exhibition

The project partners of the co-funded project TPNM "Tourist Promotion new markets" (Interreg Greece-Albania), participated in the WORLD TOURISM EXHIBITION BEIJING INTERNATIONAL TOURISM EXPO 2013 - BITE (Beijing-China) on 20-23/6/2013 in order to promote as a common tourist product Epirus, Corfu & Vlora of Albania.

The TPNM project stand received high visibility and attracted the interest of many visitors who asked many questions about the specific destinations and the project's objectives.

With our participation in the tourism fair of Beijing, we received a strong message verifying that with the right approach and cooperation with the 20 Chinese tour-operators active in the field of outbound tourism, and the creation of appropriate conditions resulting from the substantial interest of Greek entrepreneurs, these eligible areas can become a very interesting and important destination that could attract Chinese tourists.

Read more in the following link: files/INNOPOLIS/CHINA_EXPO.pdf

Press release for TPNM project participation in Japan JATA Exhibition

The World Tourism Fair JAPAN ASSOCIATION of TRAVEL AGENTS-JATA-TABIHAKU 2013 was realized between 12-15 September 2013 in the showroom "Tokyo Big Sight" ( Tokyo - Japan), which was attended by 730 exhibitors, 131,058 people visited it, while the number of booths reached the 1,353 .
In this exhibition took part in the framework of the co-financed project T.P.N.M. ( Tourist Promotion to New Section Markets,) (IPA cross-border program Greece-Albania) , the project partners : the Municipality of Corfu, the Business Innovation Center -BIC of Epirus, the Center for Innovation and Culture "InnoPolis", the Albanian Tourism Organization - ATA and the District of Vlora .
The objective of the abovementioned project is to promote Epirus, Corfu and Vlora - Albania, as a common tourist product to new markets.
"The Booth of TPNM project was widely promoted and visited and attracted the interest of many Japanese visitors who deluged with questions mainly the Greek delegation regarding the destinations of Ioannina and Corfu, but also for others as Athens , Santorini , etc. , "according to the Press Release posted on the website of the Greek Embassy in Tokyo ( Office for Economic & Commercial Affairs , ). Please read more in the following link: files/INNOPOLIS/JAPAN_PRESS_RELEASE_EN.pdf


Σε συνέχεια των επιχειρηματικών συναντήσεων Β2Β που διοργάνωσε το Κέντρο Επιχείρησης & Καινοτομίας Ηπείρου (BIC ΗΠΕΙΡΟΥ) στις 22/3/2013 στα Ιωάννινα, στα πλαίσια του συνχρηματοδοτούμενου έργου TPNM "Τουριστική Προβολή σε νέες αγορές" (Interreg Greece-Albania), και μιας σειράς άλλων δράσεων προετοιμασίας (Β2Β Αυλώνα Αλβανίας, Παρουσίαση του πόρταλ στους παράγοντες του Τουρισμού στην Κέρκυρα από την InnoPolis), όπως και της συμμετοχής των εταίρων του έργου στην Παγκόσμια Έκθεση Τουρισμού BEIJING INTERNATIONAL TOURISM EXPO 2013 - BITE (Πεκίνο-Κίνα) στις 20-23/6/2013, οι εταίροι του έργου θα συμμετέχουν στην ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΑ ΕΚΘΕΣΗ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΜΟΥ JATA ‘TABIHAKU’ που θα πραγματοποιηθεί στο Τόκυο - Ιαπωνία στις 12-15/9/2013, με σκοπό να αναδείξουν ως ΚΟΙΝΟ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΠΡΟΪΟΝ την ΗΠΕΙΡΟ, την ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ & την ΑΥΛΩΝΑ Αλβανίας.
Είμαστε στη διάθεσή σας, για να μας υποδείξετε πιθανούς τρόπους – ιδέες –προτάσεις -υλικό, για την πληρέστερη παρουσίαση της περιοχής μας. Ήδη έχει ζητηθεί από τους Ηπειρώτες επιχειρηματίες του τουρισμού που συμμετείχαν στις 100 καταγεγραμμένες επιχειρηματικές συναντήσεις της 22/3/2013 και ήδη μας ενίσχυσαν με τις προτάσεις τους στην έκθεση ΒΙΤΕ να αποστείλουν, εφόσον το επιθυμούν, προσφορές για ταξίδια ή πακέτα διακοπών τα οποία θα συμπεριληφθούν στην πλατφόρμα του έργου ( & , η οποία και θα παρουσιαστεί στα πλαίσια της Έκθεσης. Η κύρια ιδέα είναι: "TPNM project: Why visit, how to travel, about us and offers".

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