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Region of Vlore

vloraThe total surface: 2706 km 2

Population,  374,168 inhabitants

Terrestrial boundary 54 km

River boundary         75 km

The coastline length is 244 km

The distance N – S  - 140 km (the flow of river Vjosa - Konispol)

The distance E – W  - 42 km (Sazan – Shkozë)

The confine districts: Fier, Mallakaster, Gjirokaster, Greece, Tepelene

The Region is a territorial and administrative unit comprises Communes and Municipality with geographical, traditional, economic, social connections and common interests.

The base units of the government are the Communes and the Municipalities. The representative organism of the Region is the Regional Council. The Region of Vlore includes the districts of Vlore, Saranda, Delvine. It has 26 communes and municipalities (7 municipalities and 19 communes).

The Region is extended in the southwestern part of the Country and is wetted by the Adriatic and Jon Sea. The Vlore district is the center of the region and also commerce, industry and many other intercommunication centers.The coastal zone of Vlore region is one of the most beautiful one with a rich history and a broken variety relief with its diversity of forms had directly influenced the climate and the sort of the tourism phenomena.

Aware of the fact that in the actual conditions the sector of tourism in this region offers in the great part authentic values based on;

v  Cultural monuments (folklore, tradition, center for the social education, objects of the spiritual cult, garments, customs, songs).

v  The historic heritage (ancient dwellings, archeological discoveries).

v  Tourism  resources

 The native and the ethnic Albanians constitute the major part of the number of tourists.

For this purpose there are looking for the growth of the tourism potential of the region in order that the tourism destination meets the cultural, social, environmental or economic demands and develop a sustainable and applicable tourism for the today and future visitors.

The energies must be focused on the creation of the three forms of tourism;

*      Special  interest tourism

*      Tourism of the sun

*      Business and conferences tourism

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